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Some Problems...

"I wish I could see what my future cash flow might look like."

"My current calendar app doesn't keep track of my meal plans well - or finances - or exercise - or..."

"I'd like to keep track of my favorite meals."

"I'd love to automate creating grocery lists - and use them more effectively while shopping."

Some Solutions...

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Go Beyond Food

Use micro journaling features

Track your fitness activities and other measures - and then create reports

Track your expenses and income in a way that can create a remarkably accurate cash flow projection

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Streamline Your Life

Make grocery shopping faster, easier

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Integrate with intelligent assistants such as Alexa

Get intelligent suggestions based on your goals

An Integrated Calendar, Journal, Recipe Rolodex

Find meals you like, add them to your calendar, get an instant, intelligent grocery list

Record your favorite meals, from web links, videos, or entered directly

Use your library of favorites to fill your calendar